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What Causes A Blocked Drain And How To Fix It: A Homeowner’s Guide

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Blocked drain is among the most frequent, unpleasant, and distressing plumbing issues that people experience in their homes. What could first seem to be a little problem might quickly become an enormous issue that can cause chaos.

A clogged drain may result in floods, corrosion, and expensive repairs by causing water to clog out of your sinks, bathtubs, and toilets. You can encounter offensive odours originating from pipes that harm your health. Although some issues could be manageable to resolve on your own, others almost surely call for the assistance of a drain blockage expert.

When You Should Contact Experts

Fixing a clogged drain might be more than it seems, mainly when you can’t use boiling water or a plunger to try to unclog it. Never attempt an extensive repair yourself if it needs to be done by a homeowner. Instead, speak to a certified plumber.

Individuals often need more equipment, making it challenging for a novice to determine the scope and genuine nature of the issue. Additionally, they can make things worse, which would cost more money to fix. There is an ancient saying that plumbers must first fix what householders ‘fixed’ before tending to the original problem.

They know how to use them and have the right equipment to clear drain obstructions. High-definition drainage and sewage line CCTV drain survey London, water jetting equipment, manual and motorized drainage snakes, and more are some of these.

The cable is fed into the pipe by the plumber, who may then control it remotely. Intense camera lighting illuminates the inside, enabling a portable closed-circuit screen to show each component in real-time. The only way to see what’s happening without a camera is to dig down the plumbing, which is expensive, time-consuming, and harmful.

Below are a few typical causes of drain blockages and related plumbing difficulties:

  • Leaking Pipelines
  • External Products Like Soap, Toys, And Hygienic Supplies
  • Wastage Of Food
  • Grease And Oil
  • Hair
  • Squalls And Rainfall
  • Branch Roots

Don’t Flush Things Down Into The Sink

Blockages in drains can have a variety of causes. To prevent clogs and other plumbing problems, it is crucial never to dump anything down the drain. For instance, if you spill fatty substances or oil down the drain, it might solidify and become lodged inside your pipes, causing clogs.

Due to this, you have to be cautious about what you flush down the sink. Install sink traps, if possible, beneath the washbasin opening to stop oil and foreign things like food scraps, toiletries, and other toxic substances from going through the pipe.

 Contact With a Plumbing Expert

A DIY method is only sometimes necessary for proper drain cleaning. It is particularly true if you must be made aware of how to clean a drainage system. In that situation, it is recommended to contact a local plumber. They can scrub the sewer system, inspect it, and remove any particles or dirt clogging the drains.

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