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Six Interior Designs Coming To Define Generation Z

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Within the interior design community, attention has turned to Generation Z. This new wave of homeowners is entering the housing market and, with ownership, bringing a great deal of change to interior design and property aesthetics. For many, this is rather exciting. Fuelled by social media, the popularity of a new style or the rejection of an old favourite can happen overnight, meaning that one’s finger must be kept on the pulse more than ever before.

To show you the ways in which homes are changing, here are six interior designs that are coming to define Generation Z.

Secondhand Furniture

Sustainability is valued greatly by Generation Z and this can be seen through their affection for secondhand furniture. Whether recycled or upcycled, there is a pride that comes with having sourced a piece of furniture through ethical means. The dings and imperfections that might be expected with such secondhand furniture are also being celebrated, either as an emblem of age or as an excuse to be repaired and made anew.

Expression Over Understatement

Colour, abundance, and, overall, confidence is the mission objective of the Gen Z homeowner. No longer are the white or beige walls of properties being accepted, with neutrality being seen as boring. Instead, young homeowners want exciting visuals, shapes, and textures, all to create living spaces that truly capture character and feel unique, even if they aren’t to everyone’s tastes.

Natural Spaces

Bringing the outdoors in is a characteristic of Gen Z. Whether it is with homes full of plants or the construction of log cabins in their gardens, this younger generation are seeking to make living spaces less exclusive to the indoors and welcome, instead, the beauty and therapy of nature inside the home.

Wellness And Indulgence

At one time, bathrooms were designed, largely, to be practical. Now, such practicality falls short and bathrooms must, instead, be indulgent spaces too. This rise of wellbeing is leading to the trend of spathrooms, with homeowners seeking to create their bathroom space in the style of a spa, embracing absolute decadence in their home. While this may seem somewhat excessive, it is largely motivated by self-care.

Smart Interiors

The tech-savvy side of Generation Z is coming to define how smart features are being introduced to the home. Virtual assistants and proximity features, such as lighting and heating systems that recognise when individuals are home, are now commonplace. Electric vehicle charging systems are also growing in popularity, with many more features on the horizon.

Curated Lighting

Creative lighting is a signifier of the younger generation and everything from table lamps to floor lamps are being brought in before overhead lighting, that which social media has termed a room’s ‘big light’, is even considered.

This predisposition for curated lighting is leading to a number of fascinating home designs, including a somewhat ironic return of the chandelier, with Gen Z embracing both decadence and absurdity in stunning ways. Lighting also plays a significant role in photography too, meaning that, for social media profiles to excel, individuals need to have the right visual foundations at home.

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